How can you book your own pizza STOOF-catering event?


In advance
All you need to do in advance is make a reservation, provide a location and, of course, invite pleasant guests. 

We always ask to provide 1 socket nearby, some tap water to keep everything sufficiently clean and an open space of at least 15 square meters where we can build the open kitchen with our tent. 

Our tent is 3 x 4.5m You also need to let us know which formula you choose (see website) and how many pizzas you want (approximately). 

On the event-day

We are on location 1.5-2 hours in advance to build everything up and heat the oven to the desired temperature. The firing is done with wood and the oven reaches a temperature of around 400°. Preferably do not come and feel whether it is already warm, because this can be disappointing for the atmosphere of your party. 

The oven has a diameter of 90 cm, so we ask that you provide a passage of at least 90 cm. Our oven cannot take stairs or steep slopes, so a level passage is necessary to get to our baking area. 

When everything is set up, we start baking the pizzas according to the formula you have chosen. 

The pizzas are baked max 4 at a time. Since the pizzas only need 2-4 minutes in the oven, the pizzas can be passed on at a high rate. 

Once the pizzas are ready, they are removed from the oven and cut into small pieces. That way everyone can taste different types of pizzas. 

The sliced ​​pizzas are placed on a side table with plates and spices so that the guests can serve themselves at will. We have standard cardboard plates, napkins and hot sauce (included).


Afterwards you can watch how we clean everything up while you enjoy the rest of your party.